Student Prize

The best student thesis in theoretical and applied geophysics

Every year Seismik s.r.o. announces the competition for the best Bachelor’s and Master’s thesis in theoretical and applied geophysics. The competition is intended for students in Bachelor’s or Master’s degree programs at Czech, Slovak, Austrian, German, Hungarian and Polish universities focusing on geophysics or applied geophysics. The theses must be written in Czech, Slovak or English language.


Year 2021

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Previous years winners
2011/2012 Bachelor’s thesis Filip Kostka Quasidynamic modeling of tectonic faults: segmentation of earthquakes
2012/2013 Bachelor’s thesis Radek Klanica Efects of cultural noise in natural magnetotelluric signals
Bachelor’s thesis Oskar Vaško Seismograph installation and complex analysis of recorded data
2013/2014 Bachelor’s thesis Žaneta Novotná Location and surveyof the historical masonry using geophysical methods
Bachelor’s thesis Martin Mazanec Fundamens for the construction of the magnetometer from the carbon nanotubes for geological purposes
Master’s thesis Martin Mityska Distribution of noise sources recorded by the WEBNET network seismic stations and the velocity model of S-waves propagation in the upper crust of the seismicly active region of Western Bohemia gained on the base of seismic interferometry
2014/2015 Bachelor’s thesis Marek Kozoň Thermal Evolution of Saturn's Moon Enceladus
Master’s thesis Michaela Káňová Evolution of terrestrial exoplanets
2016/2017 Master’s thesis Martin Mazanec Statistical analysis of natural and induced seismicity catalogues
2017/2018 Master’s thesis David Hanák Data processing of well log complex
2018/2019 Master’s thesis Martin Šuťjak Effect of the pre- and syn-depositional tectonics on the development of delta and its fan on the rifted continental margin; northern Exmouth Plateau
2018/2019 Bachelor’s thesis Jozef Müller Focal mechanisms of earthquakes in the secondary focal zones in West Bohemia (thesis in Slovak)
2019/2020 Master’s thesis Václav Fait Time-domain electromagnetics and its applications for prospection of maar volcanoes