Zuzana has studied seismology at the Department of Geophysics (Faculty of Mathematics and Physics), Charles University of Prague, where she has earned her M.Sc. (Master of Science degree) in 1994, followed by RNDr. and Ph.D. diplomas in 2000 and 2001. Her M.Sc. thesis dealt with the 3-D numerical modeling of seismic waves by finite differences. After her university studies she has joined the Geophysical Institute of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic (AS CR), where she has focused on seismic source studies and inversion problems and compiled her Ph.D. thesis.

Zuzana, as a research scientist, has specialized in various seismic source investigations and their applications in monitoring and modeling of natural and induced seismic events, focal stress pattern studies, etc. She took part in numerous research projects, and at their frames she has spent several months in various foreign geophysical institutions: International Centre for Theoretical Physics (Italy), Schlumberger Gould Research Center (England) and ESG Solutions (Canada).

Zuzana was cooperating as a part-time employee with the Institute of Rock Structure and Mechanics, AS CR, where she has studied induced seismicity at coal mines, geodynamics, and stress fields. Presently she is still participating in the research at the Geophysical Institute, AS CR.

As an active scientist in seismology and related branches, Zuzana has coordinated 3 research projects and participated in over 18 projects, three of them as a part of EU projects. She is the author or co-author on 14 impact and 6 reviewed papers that have been cited in over 60+ articles. Her professional qualification manifests also H-index 6. Additionally, she is a coauthor on one patent.

Vice president, Project Manager
Vice-president, IT Coordinator