Our history begins back in December 14th, 2010, when Seismik was established as a private company in the Czech Republic. There were 5 founding members with Leo Eisner, as a major share holder and Jana Lauerova as procurist. The Institute of Rock Structure and Mechanics had a one year long option to gain 20% but never exectuted this option.


The first contract was focused on induced seismicity with a large independent US based oil and natural gas company. We benefited from initial cooperation with MicroSeismic, Inc., know how and experience from Leo’s 10 years of work for service sector together with the professional team of top level researchers and operatives. From the very beggining, our aim was high quality service to international clients – oil and gas producers.


The very first year brought also exciting development of gaining a new client for the analysis of the 2011 Blackpool seismicity – we have been part of the international team working for Cuadrilla Resources. Our company used the advanced methodology of template detection to provide solid evidence for weak seismicity preceedign the felt seismicity in the Blackpool case. This insight (summarized in 2014 publication) enabled establishment of traffic light system for future shale gas development in the UK.


The first year, the year 2011, was probation stone of out effort and expertize, and our team started grew: we have offered the first internship, hired new employees and widened our contractor cooperation including Petr Matousek.