2012 and 2013 years were years of solid growith and gainign of reputation. The year 2011 ended with three clients and we could still be regarded as a service company of a single client. During the following two years the number of clients grew 7 and our portfolio started diversify from induced seismicity to downhole reprocessing and geothermal projects. With the client base growth we were able to invest more into technology development and communicated our discoveries with new publications: the year 2012 brought articles in the First Break and The Leading Edge and the year 2013 brought the first publication in a peer reviewed journal Geophysics. The publications reflected the technology orientation of our company with goal of state of the art service to induced seismicity community. This was also priced with Innovation award for filing a patent on differentiation between natural and induced seismicity.


As our customer base grew we were able to hire new employees including Ph.D. Zuzana Jechumtalova in the fall of 2013. At the same time we relaized limitation of the human resources with good training. To motivate new students in applied geophysics we started to award Seismik Price to the best Bachalor and Magister Thesis in 2012. The prize attracted attention to top students over the last year and we broadened the scope from Prague institutions to Brno, Bratislava and Krakow.


As a pre-requisite of offering the full range of services of a company like Seismik and ensuring the high quality we have decided to offer also data acquisition and purchased a set of monitoring equipment suitable for real-time monitoring of hydraulic fracturing in 2013. The equipment includes wi-fi antenas for real-time data acqusition. We have several team training of analysts. As result the company started to offer a new product to our clients, the SafeFrack monitoring of induced seismicity in the real-time. Unfortunately this move was not followed by the shale gas revolution in Europe as it was originally expected.


The company also started to organize professional training courses on microseismicity in Prague. These courses were based on conituous education course of Leo Eisner and two succcessful courses were held in 2012 and 2013. These courses enabled us to realize how complex it is to organize the professional training and we decided to collaborate in the similar size company ont he future courses with HOTENG Engineering in Leoben Austria.