The year 2014, the last year of very high (over $100/barrel) oil prices, brought very rapid growth of the company as the number of clients doubled in this year and the number of employees exceeded 15 (including Miloslav Musil in addition to contractors) the company needed to move to the new spacing. As our office space in the IRSM CAS was limited we decided to move out to a nearby location at Kubisova 8, Prague 8 in a beautiful villa overlooking Prague including the Prague castle.


The growth of projects and client diversification did not stop us from developing our technology and we presented 5 expanded abstracts and published/contributed to three peer reviewed articles in this year. The technical development was also certified with award of our first patent (filed in 2012) on differentiation of induced and natural seismicity and broadening of the scope of product lines offered to our clients.



In this year we expanded to new markets including China and Japan, Middle East, South and North Americas. 2014 was indeed an amazing year for the company brings record turnover and profits, which wisely were left by the owner in the company as the end of the year started to show the cyclical nature of the oil and industry.