The years 2015 and 2016 represented a major challenge to the company as both years resulted in loss of the profitability of the company and reduction of the workforce. Specifically we were very hard hit by losing the long term client of ours in the year 2015, the company we worked with for previous fours years. Nevertheless, the company showed its resilience, regrouped and while reducing the workforce by approximately 30% we have refocussed and overcame the hard times in the industry. We have started to build professional sales team and continued developing the technology, including  9 abstracts and 4 articles in The Leading Edge, the First Break and other jounrnals.


The real-time monitoring technology in the year 2015-2016 was significantly improved and we reorganized our services to be able to provide 24/7 seismic monitoring for long stretches of several months.


The efforts on improving our internal quality of the organization culminated in an effort to reorganize our processes to comply with the ISO 9001. The year 2016 was crucial for developing these procedures and enabled us to win the certification in 2017.