Company quality policy

Management of Seismik s.r.o. accepts the commitment to continuously build a stable company, which thanks to
its technological solutions and proactive search and implementation of innovative changes will become a
sought-after and valued business partner, able to provide services at a high quality level and flexibly respond to
the requirements of its clients from various geographical regions and fields of our activity. We want to build a
strong company known for its expertise and client-oriented approach, which will be perceived in this way by its

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Seismik news

Hope you all stay safe and healthy in these hard times. The last months have been challenging and the COVID-19 situation has negatively affected almost all spheres of global business, except those who produce face-masks.

Despite the difficulties, Seismik is proud to announce winning two new projects for monitoring of induced seismicity. We are helping the global climate by enabling the safe production of geothermal energy in continental Europe and enabling transition fuel production in the USA. We are grateful to our customers for this opportunity and ready to provide quality services in our ever-growing portfolio of services.

ISO9001 Certificate

2020 - we have defended certification of quality - ISO9001.

Congratulations to the whole team and great thanks to Jana for hard work on this certification. 

Certification of quality

2017 was a great year for us - we have obtained certification of quality - ISO9001! Congratulations to the whole team and great thanks to Jana and Ilca for hard work on this certification.