Induced Seismicity

We have put together links and literature of interest on induced seismicity. However, because research or information on the possibility of induced seismicity is mentioned at a given website or within a certain publication does not mean that activity at any mentioned location has experienced induced seismicity, or that there is general concensus amongst researchers on the topic of induced seismicity.

What is induced seismicity? [Wikipedia]

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The publications below discuss possibly induced/triggered seismicity by subsurface human activity. The maximum magnitude in the right column reflect the maximum magnitudes of events in each study, not those possibly caused by induced seismicity.

Dahm, T., S. Hainzl, D. Becker, FKPE group DINSeis [2010] How to discriminate induced, triggered and natural seismicityInternal report Luxembourg Workshop 15-17th November 2010. ML=5.5
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