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Seismik s.r.o. is proud representative of RefTek Systems Inc. Seismik is building on its long experience in using the high quality RefTek instruments. We represent RefTek in Europe and provide instruments and services.

The following products are illustrating the broad range of instruments we can serve you or your company:

Wrangler Seismic Recorder 130-MC Multi-channel accelerograph

The Wrangler is RefTek’s latest generation universal broadband seismic recorder featuring a 32-bit A/D performance boost and boasting a large dynamic range.

This enhanced dynamic range enables the Wrangler to record very small vibrations from seismic sensors, providing detailed data for scientific analysis. Available with 3 or 6 input channels, the Wrangler is a universal seismic recorder that works with most seismic sensors available today.

The Wrangler features new generation sensor control functionality, including six digital sensor control lines and an analog output for sensor calibration signals. The Wrangler includes an additional 32-bit A/D which is dedicated for recording the output calibration signal.

The 130-MC Multi-Channel Recorder offers a singular solution for multiple applications, for example, the monitoring of bridges, buildings, and dams. The MC’s rugged design allows for installation in the harsh outdoor environment, and the standard wall-mount design of the enclosure allows the system to be installed out of the way, as opposed to occupying valuable floor space in a building’s electrical room.

When using this centralized system, the user has the flexibility to deploy dense sensor arrays around a structure at their discretion. For sites requiring large numbers of recording channels, multiple 130-MCs can be networked together to achieve common triggering of all channels in the system and common time synchronization, establishing a robust solution for large scale projects.

130-SMHR strong motion accelerograph 147A High resolution accelerometers

The 130-SMHR Strong Motion Accelerographs provide accurate and timely data and information for seismic events, including their effects on buildings and structures by employing modern monitoring methods and technologies.

Both models are made for continuous monitoring of earthquakes and other seismic events, and the recording of strong earthquake shaking at ground sites, in buildings and critical structures.

The 130-SMHR advanced communications features include TCP/IP over Ethernet and Asynchronous Serial. An LCD continuously displays state-of-health and status information. The 130-SMHR has three channels connected to an internal triaxial accelerometer. When ordered as a six-channel unit, the three additional channels can be connected to an external sensor.


The 147A High Resolution Accelerometers are a force‑balance accelerometer that converts acceleration signals into voltage signals to measure various low frequency and ultra-low frequency motion. The 147A accelerometer uses a state of-the-art force balance feedback technique to make up for the mechanical characteristic limitations of conventional accelerometers. This overcomes the shortcomings of nonlinear distortion and threshold of sensitivity of elastic measuring parts.

The advanced features of the 147A accelerometer include high sensitivity, large linear range, high resolution, and high dynamic range. The 147A accelerometer has DC response. The 147A Low Noise model is +/- 4g full scale and provides excellent dynamic range, which is useful when used with 24-bit digitizers like the 130-MC Multi‑Channel Recorder and 130S Series Data loggers. 

RefTek Colt broadband seismometer  

The compact RefTek Colt broadband seismometer provides high quality data for scientists conducting earth movement studies. Using a force-balance electronic feedback circuit design, the RefTek Colt has exceptionally low self-noise allowing it to better measure ground motion even at the quietest sites.

Scientists requiring portable or small footprint vault style seismometers now a have high dynamic range instrument available for quick, easy deployment.The shock resistant mass locking system protects the instrument during transportation to any field location. And, with an IP67 rating, rain, hail and snow won’t interfere with your data collection. 

Many features make the RefTek Colt broadband seismometer quick to install, including: alignment tools, bubble level, three point leveling, mass unlock, and connector.


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