Software development

Do you want to process your seismic data on your own?

Do you need tailored software for detections, picking, locating or magnitude calculation? Are you interested in the visualization of your results? Or are you looking in some other part of seismic data processing?

Please ask Seismik and you may get a chance to use software proven on many real projects.


 Software developed by Seismik:

  • MyPicker - downhole picking and processing software
  • NetDesign - Network Design for microseismic and induced seismicity monitoring

 Client tailed software sales:

  • Source mechanism inversion and visualization
  • Surface monitoring and location

 Why software from Seismik?

  • Tailored solutions respecting individual needs

  • A complex delivery including training and manuals

  • Various platforms

  • An experienced team of physicists, analysts and programmers

  • A long-term cooperation with carefully selected  external suppliers, specialists